Holy Eucharist




Holy Eucharist (also known as Mass or Holy Communion) is the center of our collective spiritual lives and ministries here at St. Stephen’s. In it we hear and reflect upon God’s Word in Holy Scripture, gather around the altar to share the Body and Blood of Christ in the form of bread and wine, and then are sent back into daily life to love and serve the Lord and one another. It is the sacrament of continuing participation in the way Jesus and in the life of the church.

As Nora Gallagher writes in her book, Sacred Meal: “We are meant to eat of this bread, to sit down at this feast. When we as a people live for that bread and cast our lot with it, we create nothing less than the kingdom for which Jesus gave his life. It is all around us, all the time, this beautiful world, just about to happen.”

We celebrate the Holy Eucharist twice each week,


11:00 am done according Rite II of The Book of Common Prayer, with Hymns and music


6:00 pm in which we use Enriching Our Worship, a resource using more inclusive language i.e. gender-neutral language regarding God. We also offer incense as part of our worhsip experience on Wednesday evenings.

Please join us for the Holy Eucharist at St. Stephen’s!